Part of the example problem:


When trying to connect to GameSparks via dedicated server credential the following validation failure occurs:

WebSocket callback: {"@class":".AuthenticatedConnectResponse","error":"VALIDATION FAILURE","requestId":"0"}

The code is:

m_gamesparks = std::make_unique<GameSparks::Core::GS>();

m_gsPlatform = std::make_unique<LumberPlatform>(APIKEY, APISECRET, true, true);

m_gamesparks->OnNonce = std::bind(&GameSparksSDKSystemComponent::OnNonce, this, std::placeholders::_1);


APISECRET is just a define like so:

#define APISECRET "secret"


The default credential is "device". The class IGSPlatform contains a function to set the credential to a custom value.

Please call SetApiCredential and pass in the name of the credential to set a custom credential.

Below is an example:




            "", // insert your auth key

            "", // insert your secret

            true, // use the preview server?

            true // do you want verbose debugging?