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How do we integrate PS5 with Gamespark

We currently working towards the PS5 port and we are wondering if we need to use the Cross-Gen API to be able to support PS5 and PS4 integration in Gamespark. 

We know that the authorization token from the PS4 won't work for a PS5 Server Application. We also know that you cannot use PlayStation®4 Auth Web API calls such as GET Account ID and GET Account Information with a PS5 Server Application. In other words, it seem that if we want to only have 1 Server Application we need to use Cross-Gen.

Also, we are not able to test anything at the moment because we are using this Gamespark instance for our QA build and we do not have access to another Gamespark instance. 

The question is:
How we should integrate PS5 with Gamespark.
- Do we need to rewrite Cloud Code ?
- Does the PSN integration can work with both PS5 and PS4

- Do we need to use Cross-Gen ? 

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