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GameSparks is dead... how much longer is GameSparks going to be around for?

I'm an Enterprise customer and didn't get a response to an email I sent over a week ago.

There have been no SDK updates in ages, there is no support, this forum is dead, and there has been no communication from GameSparks pretty much since 

Amazon acquired them, aside from us being told otherwise that everything is 'business as usual'...

This puts me in a very precarious situation, I am looking to launch v2 of my racing game title around the end of March, but the fact I'm on an Enterprise account and can't even get a response to a question I had, makes me very, very nervous about launching a new title with Gamesparks, despite the hundreds of hours I've invested in integrating with it. 

Not only am I scared of having the rug pulled out from my under my feet, where I wake up one day and my live game has no backend services, but all the player data and progress will be lost and I will lose any reputation I have as a game developer. 

Can someone from GameSparks, please clarify what the situation is here?

I won't hold my breath for a response though, because I doubt anybody even checks these forums anymore. 

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Judging by invoice numbers, GameSparks has approximately doubled its number of paying customers in the past year!  Small fry for Amazon though, I am sure.

If GameSparks gets switched off, my largest customers will be forced to switch to a competitor and they will seek compensation likely to be in 6 digits GBP.

I raised the same question to GS support late last year and got a response along the lines of "don't worry, it'll be fine"...

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