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Deleted Device Authenticated Player

Hi GameSparks,

I try deleted my device authenticated account in GameSparks and was able to successfully deleted it.

however when I tried device authentication again, it seems GameSparks could not register the device again.

Wierd thing is I was able to login with device authentication and able to have all my credentials but unfortunately I could not search my account anymore in GameSparks.

How can I properly delete a device authenticated account?

How can I register again after deleting my device authenticated account?

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Hi Jexter Bacus,
if you are getting successful response it means you Device is registered and not deleted yet. make sure few things.

1 - First thing you need to make sure is you deleted the data from Collection.
System -> Player .

2 - Search it with the PlayerID , not with the Displayname. (you can get the Playerid in response).

let me know if you need any help.

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