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How to Vector3 from RTData in RTCloudScript

I am sending player position from C#/Unity as 

var data = new RTData();

data.SetVector3(6, stats.remotePlayerPos);


            GameSparksRT.DeliveryIntent.RELIABLE, data, AllPlayerExceptMe());

And there is a RT-Script attached to my Match and is listing to this  opcode. 

RTSession.onPacket(OPCODE_UPDATE_PLAYERSTATE, function(packet){

var data = packet.getData();

var pos =  data.GetVector3(6);


The position at 6th index can be received on other c#/unity peers. but cloud code of RTScript (green colored above) don't give any handy method to get vector3 (position) from index 6 of data. Tried getData() which gave null. Can someone help, I didn't found it in any document.

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