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Limit on Game Data Service queryItems

Can you provide a limit to the number of results returned from a game data service queryItems call?  Or is there at least a documented number of results that will be returned from the call?  I can't find anything in the documentation that describes this.



Maximum 100 records per query, according to GS.

yeah, i got that much.  I guess my goal was to limit the number to some N < 100 at the query level, vs potentially getting 100 results back if I want to limit the number returned to the client.

Seems wasteful to get 100 back from the DB if I only intend to show 20.  Unless I'm misunderstanding how the GameDataService query functionality works



yea, there is no way to limit the result but you can set up a query condition to manually "limit" it.

Yes you can write a cloud code for it just look at this Ticket.

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