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Deleted my Metadata file :(

So, I have banner ads set up that contain dates for promotions. Ages ago, by mistake, I deleted all of the except one.

I cannot work out how to restore them or recreate them.

If I select BannerTimeData.metadata and click "find" it shows me one file, which only contains this:


  "_id": {

    "$oid": "5bf836c53b69520fb4c935d0"


  "BannerID": 1,

  "StartDate": 1549238400,

  "EndDate": 1518307200


but there needs to be a whole lot of these, and I thought they were automatically created from a json export from Unity, which lets me copy this code:


How can I recreate these files into GameSparks?

I really hope this makes sense!

Any help is gratefully recieved!

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