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DETAILS: "UNRECOGNIZED" gs err for changing dName

I'm trying to change displayName and it's always worked -- however, recently, I'm getting an error @ request:


...what? I can't find this anywhere. It seems to be a GS-specific error as I found a thread 4 years ago with someone that had it, and they finished communication via email so no idea the result.

What can possibly cause this? I don't run into any errors while stepping through the request -- it's some GS background thing, it seems.

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Found the answer from here:

> "If you were getting Details Unrecognised in the response I'm guessing you included the oldPassword field in the request. Once you've done this successfully the player will have to log into the game with the new username and password."

So change FROM this:


  "@class": ".ChangeUserDetailsRequest",

  "displayName": "someName2",

  "language": "",

  "newPassword": "",

  "oldPassword": "",

  "userName": ""


TO this:


  "@class": ".ChangeUserDetailsRequest",

  "displayName": "someName2"


TL;DR: Remove the default password "" field.

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