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GameSparks SDK Api Compatibility level


I am using unity version 2019.2.2f1, and i import game sparks package inside my unity project. after importing it's showing this which is given below.

"error CS1029: #error: 'The GameSparks SDK only supports "Scripting Runtime Version.NET 3.5 Equivalent" and Api compatibility level 2.0'"


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Hi, I'm using Unity 2018.2.2f1(64bit).

I am also getting the same error after importing the SDK. Any help please?

Additionally I am noticing that the imported SDK only has Gamesparks folder. The plugins folder is missing.

I am just following the tutorial in the website. And it says there is supposed to be a plugins folder included in the package.

Did the package change since the tutorial is there?

Any assistance will be of great help


Go to Player-setting ===> other-setting and check Scripting run-time version . who compatible .

I hope it will work.

Thank you.

nueloioe zakiu So new awesome c sharp updates are not useable due to an old plugin? this is preposterous.

Please check the attached screenshot and tell me where I'm doing wrong please? I cannot find what I need to change to get the SDK to be imported.


I'm having this as well. Is this a new thing? I didnt happen to me in a previous project in which I was using .Net 4. 

In our project .net 4 is a requirement, is there any workaround for this?

Hi Ariel,

I raised a ticket in Gamesparks' official support. They replied back to me with this.


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I kind of made the same, I was just worried that I wasn't actually breaking any functionality, but if that's not the case.. I'll do this, thanks for the propmt answer :)

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Thanks for sharing the update -- glad to see they're willing to keep up with compatibility.

I did just that but the error is still popping.


Using Unity 2019.2.2f1 btw.

Does the build setting matter, because I'm currently on the iOS platform. Thanks!

In case of Unity 2019.2.2f1 use 


That should take care of it.

This solution is not a solution strictly speaking. The script is looking for the installed version of Unity and if the installed version is newer than the version stated in the condition, the error throws. So it's circumventing the problem.

Unity version i am using is 2018.4.2f1. I am receiving this error when importing gamesparks into my project.

 error CS1029: #error: 'The GameSparks SDK only supports "Scripting Runtime Version.NET 3.5 Equivalent" and Api compatibility level 2.0'


this fixed the issue for me

The root of the problem is that the GameSparks SDK is incompatible with Scripting Runtime 4.x. The latest version of Unity (2019.2.x) ONLY supports Scripting Runtime 4.x so the two will not play together.

You can suppress this error message when it is coming out erroneously with Runtime 3.5 and Unity 2018.x with these tweaks but don't upgrade to Unity 2019!

To be fair to GameSparks, .NET 4.0 was released in April 2010, so it's not even 10 years since it came out.  They need time to update the SDK.

Jesus wept.

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