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removePushRegistration doesn't propagate "unsubscribe" to GCM

Please move this to Questions if it is not a bug...

So i am using FCM for my push notifications, i integrated it with gamesparks and all is working.

However - if user decided to opt out from push notifications, using the  


 it does delete his push registration entry from playerdata, but it does not send unsubscrube to the FCM-> which results in that player still receiving push notifications if they are sent from FCMconsole directly.

expected: also unsubscribes the usertoken from FCM. Else, it is mostly pointless to integrate gamesparks with FCM, if we need to keep 2 separate "opt in/out" collections aynway...

Is this intended behavior, or a bug?

Best regards, Simon

i am registering players with SetDeviceOS("FCM") as per tutorials (and it was only way to get scriptmessages to work too)



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right so i'll answer my solution for this - in case anyone ever wonders:
it's a dirty one but it works -basically i delete firebaseinstanceid(this is what identifies device for purposes of push notifications)


 So this will assing new id to the device, but it doesn't matter since this one is not subscribed now unless you call subscribe even obviously.

let me just note that i subscibe manually, via explicit player opt in dialog -> as is required by stores etc... if you had automatic opt in this wouldn't do much as it would just re-subscribe to new instance id.

happy coding

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