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[Help] "An Unexpected Error Has Occurred"

I am trying to run this logEvent -- and it's been working great for like a year, EXCEPT this single combination:


For some reason, setting this "cmdData.pidToReban" param to 59f209e50ee6fa050b896703 causes this native GS uncaught error to occur.

If I remove the 3 at the end, it works fine and I can even step through. 

No matter what I do, it works, EXCEPT for this specific param mentioned above.

This is originally a callback that I've been diagnosing: The callback gives a 500 error saying "page not found". It's truly bizarre. Just this 1 param change of any kind, and it works fine. Existing pids, non-existing, poorly formatted -- ALL of it works :P

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And you are sure the code that processes this request isn't executing - that this is the GS processing of the inbound request that is throwing the error?  How odd.

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