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Is there any consistency in your products?

Let me start this off by explaining why I changed to Gamesparks. I had a Multiplayer game set up on the Photon network and paid 100$ for 100 LIFETIME CCU, as it looked like a good deal. Later they changed the definition of lifetime to mean 60 months, with no refunds. Now, after being on the Gamesparks platform for about a year I have already seen a change in database structure, that over complicate every tutorial or documentation to making it a pain to work with. And now as am starting the Realtime implementations i see that you're segmenting your customer base AGAIN to a hidden "Enterprice" Tier. It would be great if you could advertise the implications of this tier on your website, and possibly a roadmap or a set of intentions for your platform?

Just to add that I really like most aspects of your product, it's just frustrating to work with. Does anyone else feel this too?

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