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Is USA down? Just trying to deduct the service

We have GS + Photon + Steam services that could be causing auth issues:

It seems like JUST western countries are down: Eastern countries don't timeout. If I use a VPN is used, this can be repro'd: Eastern fine, western (USA) timed out.

I'm not getting GS.Available for western countries.

It's POSSIBLE it's not GS, but GS.Available not triggering shows signs it's GS.

UPDATE: GameSparks western regions are 100% down! 

I've narrowed it down by testing a GS callback and a VPN for different regions:







(HDR is messing up my screenshot app - don't mind the bright screenshots)

The top screenshot is Taiwan: It doesn't matter what the response says, except that I had a 200 something status with a proper json returning, indicating it's fine.


The bottom is USA: Connection closed.

All of our servers are locked out during a major promo :/ I'm going to create an emergency ticket with uncensored info -- I know tickets aren't usually allowed, but this is super emergency~ Please keep an eye <3

To further add, another GS dev I know has their players region-down, too, from the BaaS Discord @ 

RESOLVED! Thanks for the amazing response time on fixing this!

Is there an automated way to be notified when Gamesparks goes down?

Additionally, the status page isn't working (for us) by default:

Do you need to request access to see it?

We wasted a few hours of work last night thinking our code was at fault; we didn't know that GS was down. Curious how others are dealing with this.

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Honestly, never seen GameSparks go down except 1 time about 1 year ago, and that was it -- until recently. Not sure what's up. Tons of users are randomly reporting timeouts from GS request responses, and they said no one else had these issues. 

However, no updates and multiple timeouts (even repro'd myself) with no changes? O_o anyone else get this?

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