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Cost of Downloadables

My company is evaluating using GameSparks for a freemium mobile game.  In the end I expect the game to have binary assets totalling 1Gb - 2Gb.  We are planning to ship that game under the iOS/Google Play over the air limits (so around 150Mb) and then download the rest of the assets on demand.

From what i can tell the GameSparks allows a maximum downloadable asset size of 20Mb and a maximum monthly download limit (per MAU) of 10Mb.

Is this correct? And if so, what is the recommended strategy? Put small configuration type assets in game sparks and host large binary files on AWS (or similar) ? The limits seem strangely out of line with what i would guess would be a pretty standard use case...

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GameSparks only stores downloadable on AWS S3. I would not recommend using that to download binary assets. Instead you should use a real CDN solution that offfers a better world wide distribution

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