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Crediting items to players

Hi everyone,

I'd like to know the easiest way to credit in-game items to a set of players.

The item I'd like to credit to the players is stored in a custom data type in Gamesparks, it looks like this :

 Boosts: "{"Boost_0":"2","Boost_1":"2","Boost_2":"2","Boost_3":"2","Boost_4":"2","Boost_5":"2","Boost_6":"2","Boost_7":"2"}"

Since I only want to credit some of the players, how do I select which player to credit ?

I'm totally new to Gamesparks, so here is what I've tried :

- Data Explorer > Player > copy the "id" of the player

- Data Explorer > Currency > paste "id" and press "find", then edit the currency amount

- Data Explorer > BoostsData > paste "id" and press "find", then edit the boosters amount

What is the best way to do this for hundreds of players ?

Any help would be appreciated.


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