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Unity 2019 Stable is Out. Supported?

I noticed it's been a while since the last sdk update. Is Unity 2019 supported? They have the official (non beta) version launched now and we'd like to upgrade. Just wanted to confirm.

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I don't think that they really care at the moment. Last SDK release is almost a year ago.

The current state of the SDK (V5.6.5.214 - June 15th, 2018) won't be supported by Unity 2019.1 due to GameSparks not fully supporting .NET 4 - which is now the only option in 2019.1.

I have opened a ticket about this and given constant pressure they only reply that it is in their backlog.

However note that the .NET 4 issue causes an app startup crash in iOS only.

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So for desktop variants, there are no issues? Man, I hope they update at least core functionality...

I do not know if it works flawlessly for Desktop. We've been only using GameSparks in Android and iOS apps.

Any word on this?

If you haven't noticed GameSparks is dead. You should switch to PlayFab, I just did and it is an awesome platform. ChilliConnect is another good choice.

For the record, I have just been informed that the update is planned, but NOT scheduled in and no timescale can be given. For now I am sticking with Unity 2018 LTS version but considering porting my live game to PlayFab.

@Dave Walker, it was scheduled but not planned when I opened my ticket over 200 days ago

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Unity 2019.1.14 (the last of 2019.1) works, btw, with IL2CPP and .NET 4.x set. In 2019.1, Unity still allows lower-level .NET (deprecated, not obsolete).

However, I hear Unity 2019.2 doesn't work -- apparently the only errors actually come if you use TextMeshPro.

However, however .... The TMPro guy actually lowered their .NET version in their preview version. It *may* work for 1 more generation (2019.2), but untested.

It working and it being supported are two different things. It has always worked however there were unhandled exceptions coming from inside the DLL

Being supported implies that the plugin will be stable. Without it being supported I would not recommend shipping a game with .net 4 + gamesparks

The source code has been made available, should anyone wish to upgrade the sdk...

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