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No way to be proactive about new API limits

So when the new API limits were rolled live in February, there are STILL no mechanisms to:

1.  Determine how 'close' we are to hitting those limits.  We have no tooling to show us that we are averaging '9.4' API request per second during XX period (so we could try to pin down when events or design elements to change)
2.  'catch' these fatal API Limit errors in cloud code so that we can even log a player id or event for later triage and repair.  

Simply asking to 'raise' our limits to some arbitrary value hardly seems like a viable solution.

I have 2 open support tickets on this topic with no reasonable response to-date.

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Also, the amount of calls per second is rather low. If you have 1000 concurrent players you could easily at any given second go over your API request limit. 

A better pricing system would auto scale your concurrent players and API requests and bill you for the actual usage of the services. For example Microsoft Azure can bill you in this way. 

The above suggested billing method benefits the following:

Game Makers:

We only have to pay for the amount of usage that our games actually use.


All players would be able to play the game the way it was designed, instead of loosing functionality or the ability to connect to the game.  


Would have a happier client base since the clients are not worried about arbitrary limits stopping their game(s) from working. 

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