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Private Data Not Saving Using Device Based Authentication


In building my game, I was asking the user to create an account in game.  I built all my code around this and was saving game data to privateData.

I switched recently to using Device Based Authentication and am finding now that I can no longer save any data to privateData.  I'm wondering if there is something different I'm supposed to be doing.  

Here is a sample of my cloud function called UpdateAvatar:

var AvatarID = Spark.getData().AvatarID;

var AvatarName = Spark.getData().AvatarName;

Spark.getPlayer().setPrivateData("Avatar", { "AvatarID": AvatarID, "AvatarName": AvatarName});

in my C# script in the game, I am using this code to call UpdateAvatar:

   new GameSparks.Api.Requests.LogEventRequest().SetEventKey("UpdateAvatar")

          .SetEventAttribute("AvatarID", Avatar_ID)

          .SetEventAttribute("AvatarName", AvatarName)

          .Send((response) => {

            if (!response.HasErrors)


                Debug.Log("Updated Avatar Data On GameSparks...");




                Debug.Log("Error Updating Avatar Data...");



            QueryProcessed = true;


Note, I do not get any error in my console.  I get the "Updated Avatar Data On GameSparks message" which validates that the method is being called but when I go to explorer to look at the privateData, it is not being updated there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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i test your code in test harness and its working fine . did you try your code in test harness?

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