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Release snapshot over current snapshot?

I'm ready to release a new version, but I already have a version out there and i don't want to wipe that out.  The changes made are only additions of leaderboards and such.  Is there a way to backup current live data?  Either I'm not searching by the right key words, or there's not that much info our there regarding where I'm at.  

Thanks in advance for any replies to my issue.

I believe if you publish a new snapshot while another is active, you will not lose any of your players data

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First off, thanks for the reply!  I have -heard- that also, but since I have about 30 leaderboards out there with 100 people each and about 500 users, I need some kind of confirmation.  I know it isn't a huge amount, but it's a good start for me.

We've been testing on live ever since the "updated api limits" and i can confirm leader-boards stayed untouched in our case when pushing new snapshot to live(the initial live snapshot did reset everything but that was expected).

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Thanks for the reply.  Could you please expand on a few things?

"leader-boards stayed untouched" - meaning that the entries in the current live release stayed when you pushed a new snapshot?

"initial live snapshot did reset everything" - you mean the first live snapshot you published didn't pull over the dev data?

Thanks again.

hey, yes - basically initial snapshot(when pushing to live wont transfer users data or entries to leaderboards, everyone connecting to live api will have to get a "new" user entry created for them), any subsequent snapshots to live will leave users and their leaderboard entries as they are (entries in the current live stay the same before and after new snapshot)

just to expand a bit on the what gets transfered and what not: i think it is well explained in the going live faq(don't have the link at hand),
but basically publishing new snapshot:

- leaderboard and achievement structures get transfered over (from dev to live), however they don't contain data(and won't override data if already present)
- downloadables and virtual goods get transfered fully (with data)

- cloud code overrides previous version in full (but it does keep Redis values from what i can tell)

I hope this helps, but this is all based on experience - so if you are unsure about something wait for the official response


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Thanks a ton.  I'll go through the going live faq again.  I'll update this thread and let you know what happens.

I released a snapshot to live yesterday and my production data was not cleared!  Thanks for the help guys.

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