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How to use Bulk Jobs

I want to perform batch operation of system collection using "Bulk Jobs".

Confirmed that it works in the "Test Hurness" Requests Admin.

I feel uneasy about working in Live Mode.


And I want to know about the following things.


・ Is Test Hurness Requests Admin available in Live Mode?

・ Is it correct to use Test Hurness Requests Admin in Live Mode?

・ If not, is there any way to do bulk operations other than Test Hurness?

 Is Test Harness Requests Admin available in Live Mode?  yes.  Ensure you have your credentials set properly for whichever credential (debug, server, etc) you will be using.

Is it correct to use Test Harness Requests Admin in Live Mode?  Yes.  We do it all the time.

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Cool, thank you

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