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About the specifications of System and Runtime collections

I have some questions about System and Runtime collections.

I would like to use verifiedPurchase, PlayerTransactionAudit and Script.log for backup of user data and user support.

So I would like to know the following about each collection.

- Is verifiedPurchase guaranteed to store user receipt information permanently?
- Is PlayerTransactionAudit guaranteed to permanently save the user's currency and virtual goods?
- Is there a way to restrict editing on verifiedPurchase and PlayerTransactionAudit in the management screen?
  - I want to prevent deleting or updating the entire data due to an operation error.
- Is the log stored in Script.log guaranteed to be permanently stored? If not, how long is the deletion interval?

Thank you


Maybe I am wrong but I don't think you can edit any system collection from management screen. It is only available through Data Explorer which you can set specific permission for read/write.

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Thank you for answering!

Certainly, it seems that in GameSparks you can control the write permission in the group settings!

This solved one of the questions!

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