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Creating Data Types and importing data


I'm new to GameSparks and have never used NOSQL before so I am a little confused about how to import custom game data. Let's say I have a custom data type called Photo which has both an image, what I assume is a downloadable, and some key:value data for each image. These photos are not associated with any player. Think of them as a general library.

Sounds like I should be uploading this via the REST API but first I have to create the schema in a cloud code function? I'm put off by the idea of creating a function/module just to initiate my data type... If someone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful because I couldn't find anything like this in the docs.



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Can i import my custom data? It's so silly that i can export my data but cannot import it

I just created sript that works on every data type. It is really basic script and I don't take any responsibility if it breaks something. It takes in minified json (No easy way to use multiline string in cloud code). I used Json Minifier to minify my raw json to single line string. Any part of json cannot contain ' (single quote) character.

Call it out like this, and it automatically activates. I have testEvent where i can test all of my events.




Script itself is here: Link

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