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Prev mode has DIFFERENT throttles? How can I test my game...?


I have a grandfathered tier for these apis:

u316884P1Sv7 (live)

h316153fZRtc (test realm, same game)

"Pricing Tier: Indie and Student"


[GS]*WARN @ GetPlayerFriends: Errors found! {

    "message": "Throttled RUNTIME_API_REQUESTS_PREVIEW_SECOND for h316153fZRtc"



This hard cap is a bit wild -- I have no direction of how many API requests that's being made: This also says "preview" -- how can I test if my setup works if I can't mimic live? I have to set it live to actually test it properly?

This somewhat defeats the purpose of having a preview mode if I can't preview the proper changes.

Then too many API calls? I was told when I was originally coding GS that it's better practice to have smaller, separate API calls for manageability and lower code execution times. In this case, instead of getting everything as soon as I first auth, I call for friends list (HUGE list) *after* I get in. In this case, I'm being API limited because it's after being called, trying to get friends list async since it's not a priority that it loads instantly.

My game is deeply integrated with GS -- to suddenly drop support with these changes without any form of grace period is extremely detrimental to your advocates. While I was in an indie plan, I've advocated GS to gain traction for countless subscribers: While I wasn't paying directly, I know we'd be more successful one day so we can pay GS, and we've hopefully got you guys tons of subs. 

I feel very alone and in the dark here.


TL;DR (bold for the point):

1. Why is preview being rate-limited differently from live so I can't mimic live? This does not allow me to test live unless I'm ... live! This also kills off our test realm (we only need 16 players to test) since we can't properly mimic live. We're crippled by this. What do we do? This almost seems like an accident: Is my preview supposed to be hard capped like I wasn't grandfathered in the indie program?

2. Where can I view my API usages? To throw in these new limits then hard cap us without allowing us to reach support or to self-serve view our caps/rates/usages is extremely detrimental to us. I have always coded the game to be efficient and make use of proper Mongo projections and indexing to ensure optimized use.

3. These changes are massive -- can we beg for a grace period for ticket support just to help us adjust to the changes? Even grandfathered in, I feel very alone and afraid. The last two times I asked about GS status, they said you guys have exciting plans for both 2018 and 2019 -- as the only announcement between then and now, this was not really the kind of exciting news that helped me plan my direction :/

4. What caps am I hitting right now? Hard caps are incredibly scary for a live game. I've already removed polling in preview mode (pending a patch in ~a week or so). I mean, is there someone I can just live chat with for a few mins to get things sorted out? I'm a solo indie dev with an online game and I'm incredibly nervous about these changes when were were so stable before. I thought I was doing everything right until I hit that hard cap. I have no one to ask for an overnight change!

Thank you.

PS: Before that announcement, the ticket system was the only support: There were no staff in the forum. Does this mean there will be staff in the forum, now, too?

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To add, even with the preview cap, I am looking at the API streams and there's only been roughly 2 calls per minute:


I truly believe I'm very, very bugged~

Upon further research, I found our largest calls per minute:


Initial auth takes 11 calls, where the last call set the hard cap. It seems that the cap is 10. However, I read that preview mode should be back to 100 in a post 4 days ago, that it was unintentionally 10.

Hey Dylan, Chris here. Thank you for reaching out. I'll answer your first question here and the others I'll reach out to you on our support channel to help get you unblocked.


1. Why is preview being rate-limited differently from live so I can't mimic live?


Preview is a small development environment where thousands of games are co-located. To make sure it remains available for everyone to use we needed to restrict CCU and API access to it. Going forward, we are asking customers to use live if they need access to more than 100 CCU or 10 API requests per second. Times when you might need to publish into live being: performing larger playtests, QAing, load testing, launching and so on.


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Got your response, thanks!

I am totally with Dylan here.

The restrictions are breaking our QA flow and no, we don't want to test our experimental features on live.

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Hey! My team and I are in the same position than this post:.


So, we thought that we need to recover the cap we got before the changes for the preview mode.


Is this possible?


Thank you.

"Pricing Tier: Indie and Student"

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10 calls for a preview is waaaaaaaay too low, even for the simplest games.

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Is there any update on this? This issue is blocking our production since weeks and as a result costing us time and money. 

There seems to be a bug right now because we are getting throttled without reason.

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