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GameSparks self-service pricing and updated usage limits

On 2/19 we introduced self-service pricing and updated usage limits.

By publishing public pricing and Usage Limits, we aim to give you further clarity and flexibility to select the level of performance and pricing that is right for your game. Previously, any customer pushing their game to live was first required to sign a bespoke live commercial service agreement. Our Usage Limits (previously known as Fair Usage Policy) were also unclear and difficult to understand.

Whilst rolling out these changes, we accidentally mapped existing Indie & Student Programme accounts to the Development tier pricing plan instead of honouring their existing agreement. This prevented those impacted from publishing games to the Live environment.  We also heard from some customers that the default Preview environment limit of 10 concurrently connected users (CCUs) caused interruptions to development and functional testing.

We apologise for any concern and confusion this may have caused, this was not our intention. We have now increased maximum Preview Environment CCU limit from 10 to 100 players and have mapped all impacted Indie & Student Programme accounts back to a plan that enjoys the same pricing privileges as before the 2/19 changes were introduced. Please see our FAQ or Usage Limits to learn more.

Thank you for partnering with GameSparks to build your game and again, please accept our apologies for this disruption.

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Is the 100 API request/second limit per user or per title? If it's per title, ie an accumulation of all users playing at the same time then I would imagine the standard GameSparks tier could become unusable fairly quickly? I don't really know as I haven't gone live yet. If it's 100 API request/second per user then I don't think it would be a problem.

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I've sent several emails regarding the price plan changes and had no response. Im on the indie student teir with the game in development using matchmaking and realtime. What is the situation, it says to contact us then you just get ignored.

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Yes it's per game not per user which is absolutely ridiculous and completely unusable. This, along with matchmaking only being available to enterprise users means that GameSparks is completely useless unless you're willing to sign an enterprise contract with Amazon. That might not be too bad but there's absolutely no information on how much an enterprise tier might cost or what their usage limits are. PlayFab is becoming more and more attractive and they now have their SubPub in private preview which gives you a permanent connection so that the server can send messages to the client. I still don't think PlayFab matches GameSparks but they're continually updating their SDK whereas GameSparks has disappeared into a black hole of silence. If I hadn't invested so much time and effort into GameSparks then I'd be going with PlayFab all the way. Amazon doesn't seem to know what they're doing.

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I have noticed this throttling happening on the preview environment now. I have to jump through hoops to get everything working on GameSparks coding the API and now you are throttling my service. I am on a LIVE Indy contract and if you start throttling this then I will have grounds for legal action. I put in years of building my product on Gamesparks and if you start to throttle in based on a contract structure I did not sign up to (amazons new way) then this is not the product I signed up to.  I used Gamesparks because it gave me room to grow.  If I wanted to use Amazon then I would have just built everything on AWS.

Trying to push us on to new contracts by offering 'support' -- there is no GS support and now throttling the service shows you are acting in bad faith.

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why are you not replying to the questions in this thread here? i really need to know if i should leave gamesparks now, specially This question: 

Is the 100 API request/second limit per user or per title? If it's per title, ie an accumulation of all users playing at the same time then I would imagine the standard GameSparks tier could become unusable fairly quickly? I don't really know as I haven't gone live yet. If it's 100 API request/second per user then I don't think it would be a problem.

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Also, when it's said "API requests/second"....

A) Does that mean 1 client to 1 server = 1 API request?

B) If A calls a module or another event FROM server-side, does this count? Surely breaking up into smaller events/modules wouldn't count against this for existing server-side ops, as long as it's below 1s average op, correct? 

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As an update for anybody curious about this: The API Requests/s limit is per game and not per user.

My game is live and runs scripts each night to update a global ranking leaderboard based on the previous days scores. Currently it will only process the first 101 entries it finds and then it bails out with a API Requests error. Each requests is executed as a different user so it is not a per-user limit.

Why is there no answer? Is the real service end?

So wanting to acquire users first and then monetizing them later is now out of the question with GameSparks.

Hi GameSparks,

I have an idea that your business team might want to consider.

The self-service pricing system has left a lot of questions and concerns for game makers. I believe a pricing system like below would be best for all parties. 

An auto scaling pricing system would scale up/down (in real time) concurrent players and API requests and bill you for the actual usage of the services. For example Microsoft Azure can bill you in this way. 

The above suggested billing method benefits the following:

Game Makers:

We only have to pay for the amount of usage that our games actually use.


All players would be able to play the game the way it was designed, instead of loosing functionality or the ability to connect to the game.  


Would have a happier client base since the clients are not worried about arbitrary limits stopping their game(s) from working. 

So for $299/mo we now get .....

1000 CCUs (upgradeable to 10,000 max)

100 API requests/second per game not per user with requests failing if we hit that limit

No Matchmaking (which I would have thought would be essential for most games including turn based asynchronous games)

I don't know about everyone else but that makes the Standard Tier unuseable for my simple turn based game due to lack of Matchmaking.

Can GameSparks give us some examples of pricing and usage limits in the Enterprise Tier so we at least know whether that is affordable or not?

Hi Tech Support,

I wonder how do we check our current usage limits(including CCU, api request, storage...)


Charging systems for Matchmaking and Realtime services should be clear set the standard.

And I am Indie License. but it's now labeled Enterprise. is this right?

The pricing page for Standard plan says 10,000 CCUs and the Fair Usage page says 1000 CCUs for Live. Which is correct? 1000 sounds a bit low:

10,000 CCUs:

1000 CCUs:

There's all this talk of more clarity with the new pricing but I'm more confused than ever now. For example, there's mention of 100 API requests/second now which I've never seen before. What happens if our games hit that limit? Do our requests just fail and we're supposed to tell the user that we're sorry but there are too many people playing the game right now and to try again later, or will the GameSparks SDK attempt the request again automatically in a few seconds?

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