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Pricing Update Discussion

I just got the newsletter about the new pricing structure and checked it out. And to avoid any confusion on my part I'd like to clarify this:

The 100.000 free MAU per game (within usage limits) are history for all titles that have not yet been released (published to live) and as soon as game is published, we are being put into the Standard tier for $299 a month + $0.008 for every MAU after the first 37,375. Doing some basic math this means that every MAU on a title published to live after February 19th costs $0.008 with a minimum monthly cost of $299. Am I understanding this correctly?

In addition, beta tests can now be run with (at most) 10 CCU and for larger-scale tests, we have to publish to live with would then technically would put developers into the standard tier a bit early.

If this is all correct, this seems to be, in conjunction with the basically non-existing forum support, a move away from indie developers and more towards mid-tier professional studios. That is an interesting business decision. It does fall somewhat in line with the pricing model with one of GameSparks' primary competitors although that competitor still offers an indie tier for $99.

I can totally understand the reasoning behind it, since indie developers rarely make it and so just cost money unless you deal with 1 in 1000 breakout developers who make it. But I also feel that this will force more and more of those very small developers into rolling their own backend. 

If my assessment is wrong, I'd love to hear why and how.

-- Patrick

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If you have an existing game in development on GameSparks, your pricing is unchanged. You can publish to live under the conditions of the indie and student program, or under the conditions of your commercial agreement with GameSparks.

See the FAQ for more information.

If you encounter problems, please contact support.


GameSparks Support

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The same just hit me as I am only weeks away from publishing a title I've worked on for a while which uses the real-time service, I'm currently in the Indie/Student programme. ,

Am I correct in my understanding that multiplayer and realtime are now only available for enterprise customers?

 It is not only the pricing.

Also the real time matchmaking is not available anymore below enterprise.

For me the question would be what happens to my project. I started with realtime matchmaking and planned to release it this year and now will I be able to test it more further or do I need to stop it?

I recommended Gamesparks to everybody because of the fairness and the prices. Knowing that there were no better solutions out there.

Same here, have 3 titles in development and now this 299$/month/title will simply not work for people who came to GS for their indie plan in the first place. I hope GS team reconsiders for existing users with games in preview.

This came out of the blue and completely wrecked the plans we had, now we can't playtest our game with more than 10 players, this is very bad for MMOs in development as we won't be able to scale our playtesting sessions or run community pre-alpha sessions. 

"If you are in development and plan to use Matchmaking and Realtime, please contact us for more information."

Please provide more information. This is a major change and the press release is sorely lacking in details.

Are we able to use realtime in the development pricing tier? Or do you expect us to upgrade to enterprise customers while we're still developing the game?

Also can you give a rough idea what enterprise pricing looks like for indie teams so we can evaluate if sticking around with gamesparks makes sense or not?


Im interested in the same question too

Also can you give a rough idea what enterprise pricing looks like for indie teams so we can evaluate if sticking around with gamesparks makes sense or not?

If you have questions regarding enterprise pricing, you should contact them through a ticket. I believe this move has been in the making for a while and it falls in line with the diminished forum support. GameSparks is moving away from small indies. Knowing this, I would expect very few responses in this thread. They will already expect a backlash from the segment. If you do however contact them through tickets in regards to possible enterprise contracts, you can be sure that they will reply fast, because that's the customer type they are targeting now.

Personally, I have been evaluating other options since the whole Ghosttown forum debate started and I was not able to find a BaaS provider that could replace GameSparks and fit my needs. There were always caveats. 

For now I am rolling my own backend stack in a handful of docker containers with independent technologies so I can start delivering my games on a small scale with some cheap root servers and then scale up quite easily to AWS if need be,

I do wish you all the best of luck though. I hope everyone finds a solution to get their games out into the world to see.

I have the same question too.

I am a personal developer,and developing a MMOs.

The new pricing seems to be cheaper for more than 100,000 Mau, which used to cost $0.02 over 100,000 Mau, but now it's only half, but it costs $299 at the outset, which is a bit of a struggle for indie developers.

I want to know, the new pricing is only payable at the end of the month?

If you are just getting on the live, you have to bear the price, it seems a bit high.

In addition, the upgraded bills should be filled in with the company. How do you fill in the independent developer?

i can't believe this is actually happening. I have been working on a big game for almost 2 years now, and it was fully dependent on Matchmaking and Realtime services. You could've at least warned the developers about this move before throwing this at us like this.

2 years of work just disappeared into thin air.

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This is really driving me nuts, I don't even know what to do, we have a community of over a thousand and around 500+ donators that are extremely anxious to playtest our MMO in an upcoming March playtest that has been heavily advertised throughout months now. More than a year spent building the backend on GameSparks, thousands spent from my own pockets on contractors to build an account management system on our website. 

We had massive plans for GDC as we were close to having an MVP ready to showcase interested investors, I am so disgusted and disappointed at this, I can't believe you guys couldn't give us notice before going with this move.

I contacted support in hopes of getting some help with this, games that have been in development for over a year using GameSparks should have some exceptions to the new pricing rules, especially those that have some potential.

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Same boat as everyone else, but I am hopeful they will work with us on the Enterprise tier so that the price can scale to need. Something like a low minimum ($50-100 month) that scales as your needs do would be just fine. To be continued...

I started developing a game one month ago. This is a huge bummer for me, but i can't even begin to imagine how people that worked for months or even years in their games may feel

@Charles Russell, not to sound negative or anything, but the Enterprise package will probably only get more expensive... cause you will include support for Matchmaking and Realtime services.

i am not sure tho. So please if you contact them, do let us know what deal did you get. It would help a lot of us ^_^

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