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Hello, I'm getting this error

GS: RECV:{"@class":".GameSparksErrorResponse","error":{"message":"Throttled RUNTIME_API_REQUESTS_PREVIEW_SECOND for #####},"message":"Throttled RUNTIME_API_REQUESTS_PREVIEW_SECOND for ####,"requestId":"636861648956380010_4"}

What does this mean?, the documentation doesn't state what this error means neither how to fix it.

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Were having the same thing too since yesterday!

We are also having this issue. What is going on?

GameSparks changed its Usage Limits on February 19. Development Tier only gets 10 API requests per second now on the Preview Environment.

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We have this issue too. It affects our development because we use "Preview tier" for developing and the usage limit is too low to test our project. Our release version is "Enterprise tier" but we also got the error about exceeding the limit. 

here is the error log:

time: 2019-02-19T13:51:08.007Z / 2019-02-19T13:37:07.071Z

So now my game works on the Live build, but I am unable to test on the preview server.

Do I have to change my game architecture so it will work? If not, does that mean I'll have to publish to Live in order to do tests?

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Hi all,

As you all know, On 2/19 we introduced self-service pricing and updated usage limits. The community responded to this update and raised their concerns. We have listened to your concerns and have taken action based on your feedback. The details of this latest update can be found here.

If you encounter problems or have any further questions, please contact support.

GameSparks Support

I have this issue too! There's no way I would've hit this cap after that post above. I think I'm bugged:

Is this limit of 10 requests per second a limit per user, or is it one common limit for all users that play the game?

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"Is this limit of 10 requests per second a limit per user, or is it one common limit for all users that play the game?"

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Still getting this error.

i'm fairly sure it is 10 requests per second per game - we are pretty much testing on live stage right now(we have indie tier) but i don't know how we'll be able to test properly once our game goes live.

This is getting old.

I've inserted waits when you initially started throttling the development environment and that was a "fix".

Now it's starting to happen intermittently on game start - which leads me to believe it's your service issue.

Your service is becoming the development pain point.

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