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Weekly Leaderboards

Hello, there are several things that I'm trying to accomplish with GameSparks leaderboards. Basically, I want to hold week-long competitions where the player with the most points by the end of the week receives a prize. The following week, the leaderboards will reset and a new competition will take place.

So far, I've been able to create a partitioned leaderboard that resets weekly as well as an event to submit scores to the leaderboard. Other things I still need to accomplish:

1. In C#, how do I generate the leaderboard short code for the year, month, and first Sunday of the week?

2 How do I calculate how much time is left remaining before the leaderboard resets?

3. At the start of a new week, how do I hand out prizes for last week's first place winner?

I've attached an example from another game that's similar to what I'm trying to accomplish. Any help is much appreciated!


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