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Synchronous .Send for AccountDetailsResponse


I am new and do not yet understand how to handle the asynchronous methods correctly.
Is there a way to synchronize the .Send or how to solve the following problem on clean?

I retrieve the account details with my method "GetAccountDetails" as follows and save them in my own GSPlayer object. The code also works (shortened):

new AccountDetailsRequest().Send((response) => {                    
            if (response.HasErrors)
                        GameSparksAvailable = false;
                        Currency1 = response.Currency1;

If I want to retrieve the data in another place, for example after a purchase, I always get zero as the output of "Currency1" because the code is executed faster than the data is retrieved: 

            if (GSPlayer.GetAccountDetails())
                Debug.Log("GameSparksAvailable = false");


How is it possible to retrieve the data and process it directly in the next line?

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In the following situation I have the same problem. The player should press a button to buy something. For this a CloudCode is executed. But I would like to prevent the user from pressing the buy button too fast in quick succession. He has to wait until he receives the confirmation of the successful purchase.
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