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Managing Properties and Property Set

I'm creatig VirtualGoods with PropertySets.

The property is called "discount" and it holds a percentage "value".

Different VirtualGoods have different discounts.

Q: How do designers assign different discounts to different VirtualGoods?

I know there is a tutorial "Saving and Loading Data - Player Inventory and Item Managementhere. But in this tuturial, GameSparks team creates a totally different way of having a player's inventory, not using player.virtualGoods at all. Why? This means we would never use any Store endPoint, only custom Events.

I've been spending a lot of time on this, and I just found out PropertySets are NOT editable via CloudCode or Dynamic Forms, are they?

I don't understand the purpose of Properties if we can't modify them. Are they supposed to be static values?... then they are just flags.



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