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Leaderboards does not update

Hi, we ar having issues with the leaderboards.

When we were testing we set the leaderboard we have to update in real time, and everything works OK, every time a change in the leaderboard occurs, the corresponding achievement is triggered, and is triggered every time as it needs to do.

But when we set it to update daily, it never triggers again the achievement. Is there anything we have overlooked when configuring the leaderboard or the achievement? We tried as many settings as we could, but we cannot make it work properly.

The desired behaviour is: We need the achievement to trigger once and always every day, so we can capture it and give a reward to the player based on its current rank.

Attached are the current settings. The code that is used in cloud code is this (we used several variants of this code too):

        "@class": ".LogEventRequest",
        "eventKey": "NotifyColiseumRank",
        "coliseumRank": gamePlayer.coliseumRank,
        "playerLevel": gamePlayer.playerLevel,



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