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Hi, I'm little bit confused about pricing. For indie developers it seems that your service is very expensive once above the free limit. Especially for mobile games where MAU can be quite high while conversion rate is low.

It is also described here:

Can you confirm those calculations are correct?

Thank you

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The math does check out, but you should consider a couple of things:

1. If your game reaches the 2 million MAU from that example, you will no longer even want to stick to the indie tier. You should set up a call and talk and discuss the conditions of an enterprise deal. I would expect that one to have way better conditions due to the sheer volume and you could probably also request a call with them before starting to figure these things out.

2. The feature set is really different. As far as I know the mentioned competitor does not have features like APIs for handling microtransaction purchases from different platforms. I also think there is no database support, no inventory support etc. etc. You should really compare the features that are offered to your needs and then make an informed decision. 

I hope that helps a little bit.

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