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Adding a player to an ongoing realtime match

Hello, I can't seem to find an answer to this question anywhere, so I thought I'd ask and see how far I get.

I have realtime drop in/out match instances running and I want it so players can join an ongoing match. I have the match id saved on data services once the match is created by a "host" player.

I can't use findpendingmatches since it prevents the host player from actually starting the match, since their match still needs to be pending to be found by other players. I tried using the SparkMultiplayer command addPlayer in cloud code via a my own event, but I get this:

    "message":"Cannot convert 5c345f1cb60fa50518f087ef to com.gamesparks.scripting.SparkPlayer (event/JOINMATCH.js#13)"
  "message":"Cannot convert 5c345f1cb60fa50518f087ef to com.gamesparks.scripting.SparkPlayer (event/JOINMATCH.js#13)",


JoinPendingMatch isn't working for me since the match is not actually "pending."

Any ideas?

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Same need here, 

I want to add a friend to the same instance where another player is already playing.

Any tips?

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