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Store & Retrieve Basic Variable


Coming from a background in UE4 blueprint visual scripting, I do not have much experience writing code. Using gamesparks, anything past user authentication requires writing cloud code.

It would help me, and most likely others, heaps and bounds if there was a short series on how to get started with cloud code. My goal is ambitious, to save many variables about a player including stats, location, health, stamina, inventory, items currently equipped. All of this stored by the server intermittently and then retrieved upon logging back in.

To start, all I am trying to do is save ONE float to server and retrieve it back again. After a week of reading everything on the docs, tutorials, and the forums provided, I haven't been able to make anything happen in UE4. I feel like there could be a few five minute guides that would make the gamesparks service way more useful to those in a similar situation as me. 

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