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Realtime Accept Min. Players


So, I noticed that matchmaking seems to work in a way different from what I would expect... Say I have a match that accepts 2 to 10 players. I set its period to 30 seconds. I would expect that if 4 players of matching skills started looking for a match in that window of time (starting from the moment the first one started looking), after 30 seconds the match would "form", closed to 4 players, and send a match found message to the 4 players. However, what would happen in that scenario is that eventually (I guess 30 seconds after each of them started looking) they would all receive "match not found" responses.

Then, I turn on Accept Min. Players, but then what happens is that when the second player starts looking, it matches with the first one and the match is immediatelly formed, starting the match for both of them. I would like to have it working like the scenario described above... first player starts looking, every player that matches the skill settings gets matched with that player (I read how the skill gets averaged by every new player, thats fine), but, if the "max players" is not reached by the time the first player request expires, BUT, the number of players is greater than the minimum number of players... then just start a new match with the X amount of players that are matched right now.

Is there an easy way to achieve this behaviour? I honestly have no idea, seems like a very default scenario and maybe I am looking for it wrong but couldn't find any answers to this.



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Anyone has any pointers on this?

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