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Unity TOS change.

Hi, we've just started building our game using gamesparks, before we get in to deep we wanted to check on the situation following the SpatialOS drama that happened yesterday and unitys TOS changes. Is gamesparks affected in any way by these changes?

I dont think GS affected as GS is not hosting Unity clients on the cloud. But its better to wait for official words from GS team

Definitely not a similar position... GS is compatible with so many platforms because it is super platform agnostic... they dont supply the Unity Runtime in any shape or form, not even parts of it... they do make the Unity Plugin, but that is completely separate...

Working at Bossa lol, which is probably the company more affected by the drama of them all, I bet GS is fine... I just wish they were more communicative in the forum these days, that is what is alarming me a bit...

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