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how do i save user's item?

There seems to be little data on GameData.

I see this link :

It was hard to find out that Spark.RuntimeCollection was not going to work.

I want to save the items that the user has.

My Code is...

var itemIdx = Spark.getData().idx

var player = Spark.getPlayer(); 

var item = Spark.metaCollection('items').findOne({"key" : itemIdx}); 

var gamedataService = Spark.getGameDataService(); 



var entry = gamedataService.createItem("userhasitem", itemIdx); 

var data = entry.getData(); 

data.itemidx = itemIdx;



When i search GameData with the user key, i get the result.

but only one is stored. be overwritten.

i think i have to use a different data storage system to store user items.

How do you usually implement them?

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