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Synchronous messaging Co-Op

I am working on a project where I have multiple players working together to complete tasks / play game.

One of the players is kind of the overlord of the game.

He is in charge of confirming denying requests etc.

So basically all messages need to route to and from him.

I have this setup already using a combination of DataTypes, LogEvents and Spark.message.

This lets the a player send LogEvents and they are delivered to other players via Messages.

But I noticed today that what previously seemed to be ordered delivery things were getting out of order in some cases.

I was sending 3 messages quickly (same frame) 1,2,3. and the order being received on the client was 1,3,2.

Until now it seemed that based on the order I sent the messages delivery seem to maintain that order.

I looked at challenges but this type of game doesn't really fit that I think. And I am not sure it would give me fixed ordering.

I have used real-time on another project. I think this would give me fixed ordering but I think this is overkill for something like this.

The frequency of events is low, and the current turn could change at any time based on the overlord's selection.

I can think of a few things I can do on my side but wanted to see if there is something that is already available.

Or if this is the expected behavior.

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