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"getGameDataService().S().in()" is not work.

I used the "in()" function for queries, but the result is empty in any way.

Other queries such as "startWith()" succeeded.

Also, Test Harness gets an error.

Is include() functioning properly?




You're right, the documentation for the API is correct but that example code is wrong. GS people should fix that, if they ever get around to fixing anything...

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Thank you Andrew, I understood.

However, the tutorial on this function is not good.

I pray that no one will make misunderstandings like me.


"in" doesn't do what you think it does. What you want would be called "contains" or something like that, but GDS doesn't support that.

signature in(string[] values)

It takes an array of strings and matches against any of the strings. So API.S("DATATAG").in(["test", "wump", "blarg"]) would match exactly against any of "test", "wump" or "blarg" but not against "testwumpblarg" etc.

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