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Virtual Goods and customizations

Hello everyone,

our project offers a bunch of customizations to the player, which they can aquire through ingame currency, real money and also by leveling a pass.

Now looking through the Virtual Goods Documentation, it does list "customizations" as one of the option to use them for.
Given that we would have quite a lot of custom stuff (lost of hats, meshes, particles, etc.), I'm not 100% sure if the Virtual Goods are the correct place for this. If I understand this correctly we would need to create one VGood per custom item the player can aquire.

Is this the desired solution or should I drop the VGoods and use GameSparks databases?
And if yes, how does buying a customization with real money work without VGoods?
I know that I can consume currencies, but what if I want to use sell the items directly?

One additional question would be: The VGoods Docs list "XP" as one thing to use it for.
How and why? Should XP really be saved like that? Or just items that could increase XP?
I would have guessed that the level and XP of the player would be saved in the scriptdata.


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