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Virtual Goods Unlock

 I am looking at creating a method to unlock/upgrade my virtual good items and am struggling to find the most appropriate way to implement.

The basics is that each Item has multiple levels to unlock, based on a number of cards awarded from in-game drops (Similar to a Golf Clash approach).

Item A:
Level 1 - 20 cards to allow unlock - 200 coins to buy the unlock.
Level 2 - 50 cards to allow unlock - 1000 coins to buy the unlock.


Item B:

I have been trying to understand the use of segments, and whether the approach would be to create a virtual good, and segment it somehow into specific levels? However I'm not sure what to use as a segment query for this, or if this is even the correct approach?

Can I do this just using the virtual goods, or will I need to store some data such as number of cards per item in the players script data or can virtual goods have dynamic values on them?


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