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Code Working in Test Harness but not in GS_MINUTE


var request = new SparkRequests.LogEventRequest();
request.eventKey = "UPDATE_ALL_CREDIT_SCORE";
var response = request.Execute();

var msg = getMessage(response);
Spark.getLog().debug("Response + " + msg );

function getMessage() {
    if (response.error != null) {
        return response.error.ERROR;
    } else {
        return response.scriptData;

 When I run this code on test Harness inside a custom event, it works just fine.  But the exact same code does nothing when i put it in GS_Minute. How do i fix this?

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That's because in GS_MINUTE, the session isn't binded to any player, so there isn't a default player id for GameSparks to execute the logEventRequest with.

Therefore, instead of using request.Execute use .ExecuteAs(playerId) to preform the custom event will work.

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