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Do Leaderboard support details for a score?


Currently I am using Steamworks Leaderboards. With Steamworks, you can have a leaderboard and then associate to that leaderboard an array of int32 which I use to attach to a score a bunch of information relevant to how the player managed to obtained that score. Which in my case are character level, talent points, equipped items.

I want to use Gamesparks in order to be able to release the game in the future in other platforms outside of Steam and PC, but I am starting to depend too much on Steamworks features, and I am looking at other options out there.

So, is there something similar in gamesparks? Let say I want to upload a score of 10,000 to the leaderboard, and then store an array of integers of 51 elements, can gamesparks handle this request?


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Hi Eugenio,

You can set a "Supplemental" attribute on your event. This will allow you to store a string on the leaderboard entry. Try that out and let us know if it's suitable for you needs. You can read more on this here.



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