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AuthenticationRequest often timeout

As the title said, I used unity and tried to login using following codes, getting timeout errors very often.

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Code Shot

Hi Li,

What region is your live game deployed to here ? 



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It seems just a bit unstable. Mose time it is good but in some days keeping time-out for hours is a harsh problem. I think it is because China has a complex network environment. I am willing to pay for customized service to solve this problem. If it was solved, I think it would be a good showcase and a good start to expand china market.

Sorry for some typos, I mean I would be blamed by my CEO.

The setting of Region is Asian. This game will publish two months later in China Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. What's more, I have sent two mails to consult about enterprise pricing but have no any rely. Now I felt so worried because if this problems repeatedly happened, I would blame a lot.

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