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UE4 Plugin Update

I wanted to know for when, or if, we can expect an update for the Unreal Engine 4 Plugin, because the current Plugin cannot be compiled for Unreal 4.21.

And besides that, maybe you could be more transparent with sdk updates in general (e.g. "is currently worked on..." and "support for ... is estimated for..." and so on) ,because currently it seems just sort of dead. That would be considerably more helpfull than the constant posts on facebook about "keeping players engaged with leaderboards".

Thank you,

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I'd like to get an answer to this as well. Thanks!

Judging by the comment from customer support in this thread: your best course of action would probably to open up a support ticket for it.

I’ve submitted a ticket regarding this question. I’ll keep you all posted if they come back with a response.

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Hi Richard, did you get any response regarding your ticket?

In another thread the customer service posted an temporary 4.21 plugin, which is buildable but produces over 245 warnings.
Maybe you've got an information about the ETA meanwhile.

Hi Patrick,

They were able to get back to me with a working 4.21 plugin. This one did not produce any warnings and was an easy switch from the 4.19 plugin. Here's the file below.

Thank you Richard.
It seems, that it is the same version posted in the other thread, at least for me it produces 245- 296 warnings all about wrong deklarations in the plugin code (but it builds just fine without errors) - test platform is android, maybe thats why.

Thanks for this update!

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