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How to kill off old versions of my game?

I would like to stop any older versions of my game logging in to gamesparks.

One way I thought to do it is.. add a version number to the scriptdata of DeviceAuthenticationRequest

And then in the cloudcode for DeviceAuthenticationRequest, check if the version number is lower than a certain version and if so fail the request.

I dont know if this is possible via cloudcode though, or how to do it.

My questions are...

1. Is there a better way of killing off old versions of my game? If so what is it?

2. Is my idea possible? if so how do I implement that in cloud code?


Brian McElroy.

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Hi Brian,

Yes that would work. You could set a scriptError while doing this and tell the player to update their client. This should prevent the player from logging in the version is below the required one.



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