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Ghost town forum?

Is there something going on with GameSparks?  Have they reduced support staff?  I never see any new replies to forum posts.  What is going on?

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Hey guys, thanks for you replies and nice sentiments. We've taken all of your great feedback on board. We've nothing to share at this time but do keep your eyes peeled - GameSparks is in great hands with Amazon and rest assured we're striving to exceed expectations.

Warm regards,

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Yeah honestly I am getting a bit worried about using GameSparks... as people said before, it seemed like a great thing, the acquisition, making the platform even more solid... but honestly I hardly ever see any new posts (even users seem to be thin right now) and the lack of community is worrying... I still am with a game in its early stages and so far I really like what I've been using of GameSparks, but would be tough to commit to learn the tool, develop on top of it, only to have to migrate everything when my product is actually closer to completion with a lot more content...

I really do believe you guys should get someone there to at least come and read the forum daily, and literally post anything lol a poll, a glimpse of whats coming in the future, answering whatever questions might be up... definitely would bring some peace to a lot of us I bet.

Not only this thread slipped under your radar for a couple of days. There are open unanswered threads since almost a year. The activity of the customer support in this forum really went down during the last 12 months.

Also, the fact that there has been no Unity SDK update since June 2018 is very worrysome. Specially during 2018 where Unity has transitioned quite rapidly and the GameSparks SDK does not support .NET 4 properly for iOS builds.

Is there anybody to answer us ?

Look through the thread.  They already did answer us.  From what I can see they are in transition and amazon is either looking to revamp everything or something.  

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Hopefully we will get some answers on GDC

Don't like to make such comparisons, but when PlayFab was acquired by Microsoft, they still have been providing updates, and started to replace proprietary parts of their platform with Azure equivalents and continue to do so.

Current Radio Silence, feels like Game Sparks was about to be closed any day.

The lack of updates or any kind of roadmap is really worrisome.

I do like it most from the current BaaS providers.

Even after the response it really feels like gamesparks died when Amazon took over. Really nice service but previously it seemed like they had much better support and updates. Although tickets get answered pretty quick still.

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I would appreciate if GS would continue to update the Unreal Engine plug-in

Currently those are provided by random users. Guys, don't miss out on the next Fortnite :D

We busy looking at a gaming platform, I guess I should try Playfab instead.

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