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One time coupon to give out currency?

I have been trying to find a way to be able to give someone a code that they can use in my game to get some game currency.

I could do this and hard code the codes in the game, but then that means a new release for new coupon.

I could do this by adding a leaderboard, then setting up an achievement, but then that means that I have to have a new release of my gamesparks backend each time I want to add a new coupon.

I need to be able to add new codes without having a new release of backend or frontend.

Optimally I would like to just create a table in gamesparks, then query the table to see if the codes are valid, then delete the code or mark it as used.

Any ideas on this?

I would create a GameData category, call is coupons with the id being the coupon.

Then you can include and data you need inside the coupon information.

Thanks.  I'll look into this.

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