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Does NXConnectRequest also sync the friendlist from Nintendo

The documentation of NXConnectRequest says"GameSparks will determine the player's friends and whether any of them are currently registered with the game.". For me it sounds like GamesSparks knows my Nintendo friendlist somehow.
Or should i first have to sync my friendlist with another call and after that GameSparks is able to say who is online?


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Did you ever get an answer on this?  We just started to integrate our NXConnectRequest, but I'm not currently seeing nintendo friends coming through

I didn't get an answer.

NXConnectRequest is just for connection the switch with GameSparks and also to validate with Nintendo.

Hi Adam,

How are you testing this ? Have you got two Nintendo friends with authenticated via the request on GameSparks ? 



Yeah.  Two friends both authenticated successfully an no friends returned in the friend list request.  I'm also not seeing any friends in their externalAuthentication collection record

Hi Liam,

Any follow up on this?

Hi Liam,

Any follow up on this?

After speaking with a representative and my understanding is Nintendo does not support this and the GameSparks documentation will be updated to reflect this

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