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Possible/legal to create accounts for players with GameSpark TOS?

I'm looking to make signup for my games as frictionless as possible and looking through the docs, I think I may have to roll my own front-end service that implements the following:

  1. Player starts game. Game asks for email to create a MyCoolCompanyID.  Player enters email.
  2. Game sends email to my service which generates a random password, creates an account with that email/password as username/password in GameSparks, and emails it to the player.
  3. Player receives email that has password and a link to reset it.
  4. Player clicks "reset password" button and it connects to my service which changes it on GameSparks.
  5. From then on, in all my games, they log in directly via normal GameSparks auth with their email & password.

My question is...does this violate GameSparks TOS in anyway?  
Or does GameSparks support this somehow and I'm not finding it?

I know that their is social and device auth, but I'm thinking very cross platform and decoupled from social services.


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