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Updating a massive amount of documents in a runtime collection

Hi, we are developing a game in which each player has a certain rank in a game mode, and this rank should be updated every day accodring to their actions.

The problem is we are testing with a runtime collection (we created the project a while ago and may not switch to the new features) with about 500 player entries, and sorting these players to assign each of them a new rank daily seems to take a bit of time, and the log sometimes states that the 30000 ms limit was reached.

Collections are of course indexed.

The game may potentialy have millions of players, so... is there any workaround to manage this situation?

I've read about bulk jobs, but are these suitable to perform a sorting operation to millions of players?

Have you faced a similar problem in your game?

Best reagrds.

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One word. Leaderboards. GS offers a robust leaderboard system that can do exactly what you are looking for with no performance tagalongs like you would experience trying to manage this in database yourself.
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